Abbey's TIP #1

Stained Glass Cutting Tips

Beattie's Ultimate Strip Guide

ONLY $18.95 CAD

Cut strips to exact specifications easily. Easily cut strips from 1/2 -2 inch using the pre-measured slots.

With a little modification larger strips can be cut as well. Come in and ask any of Abbey Stained Glass employees, and they will be happy to show you how.


Use Beattie’s Ultimate Strip Guide to make diamonds or hexagons of any size using a Set Square (NOT included).

  • Press glass firmly with left hand up against pre-attached straight edge.
  • Place cutter firmly in appropriate measured slot (example 1″ shown).
  • Run Ultimate Strip Guide and cutter along straight edge.
  • Snap off strip.
  • Place strip along an angle guide and use the Ultimate Strip Guide to cut off 90 degree edge to make it appropriate angle for diamond. (You can use any slot on the strip guide for this purpose)
  • Snap off and dispose of this set up piece.
  • Place the strip against an angle guide again and use the Ultimate Strip Guide at same measure slot as the strip size you cut originally (example 1″ shown).
  • Snap off and continue to cut as many perfect diamond shapes as you want.
  • Cut > snap. Cut > snap. Cut > snap.
  • All will be perfectly identical. Amazing eh? 🙂

You can easily make either a 6 or 8 piece star.